Elena Nikonole

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Elena Nikonole

Elena Nikonole (Moscow) is a new media artist, curator and educator, whose field of interests embraces hybrid art, the new aesthetics, the internet of things and artificial intelligence. In her works she explores technology’s potential opportunities, as well as potential risks and dangers which techno-evangelists and scientists are not able to recognise.

Nikonole has curated and organized many events including Datasets vs Mindsets: Post-Soviet Explorations of the Digital Control Society (co-curated with Olga Vad) at Electromuseum, Powerhouse, Moscow, and Ars Electronica (2020), Saving the World (co-curated with Ildar Yakubov) as part of FORECAST 2020 online festival, Learning Machines (co-curated with Alexey Shulgin) at Electromuseum (2019).

Nikonole has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals, including AIxMUSIC as part of Ars Electronica (St. Florian Monastery, Austria, 2019), AI Stage at GAMMA Festival (St. Petersburg, 2019), Daemons in the Machine (MMOMA, 2018), Videoforma (St. Petersburg, 2018), Open Codes (ZKM, Karlsruhe, 2017) and others.