Enchantment.Fields. 2018

#New technologies

Video, 20 min

Enchanted by the success of technical inventions, humanity creates new tools, machines and algorithms. They work more or less autonomously and bring about active transformations of spaces.

In this project the artists refer to the concept of the “field.” The collective image of the field is a symbol of the space of vital opportunities, emptiness and freedom.

The concept of the “field” is juxtaposed with the image of an algorithmic process, seen as a metaphor for technological progress. Photogrammetric models of real landscapes serve as surfaces for the creation of algorithmic structures on them. The algorithm analyses the landscape surface and its outlines become the basis for the construction of abstract forms.

The digital environment makes contact with reality. Observing how the algorithm creates the forms on the field, one can see how the landscape is changing. This symbolic image conveys the experience of the dynamics of the present and the visions of the future.



Stain Studio (Moscow) creates audiovisual projects, spatial and light installations in an abstract aesthetic. Alexandra Gavrilova and Sergey Titov explore human perception and related features of media using algorithmic and interactive methods. Stain creates independent projects, participates in gro…