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Ecology and New Functionality.
Evolving Relations Between Man And Nature

Online Contemporary Art Exhibition
Supported by the Dialogue de Trianon and WWF-Russia
Artists: Aristarkh Chernyshev, Sandrine Deumier, Etienne de France, Sergey Kishchenko, Olga Kisseleva, Mathilde Lavenne, Elena Nikonole, Pavel Otdelnov, Anastasia Potemkina, STAIN, Vassily Sumin, ::vtol::

Today’s environmental agenda has become a common backdrop for the discussion of a variety of issues: economic, political and social. Ecological crisis and the future of humanity are subjects not only of scientific discussion—contemporary artists reflect on these problems too. In this context, the question of function, a range of possibilities and eco-systematic services provided by ecology to people as customers, gains new meaning, giving prominence to individual personal responsibility. Thereby, the notion of new functionality takes its form.

The environmental agenda has become a key element of international relations, creating new connections and ways of interaction between civil societies. Among one hundred essential solutions for global development the project People for Nature -implemented by WWF in partnership with the EU Delegation to Russia- is showcased in the 2020 Paris Peace Forum. Aimed at attracting wide audiences to nature protection, the project serves an example of such new functionality: its participants—environmental activists, NGOs, local residents— monitor industrial pollution and illegal deforestation, use modern technologies for the good of nature and look for possibilities of dialogue between society, government and business.

The exhibition Ecology and New Functionality. Evolving Relations Between Man and Nature demonstrates an artistic interpretation of the problem of human responsibility for our planet’s future and the urgency to halt the rapid degradation of ecosystems. The artworks are centred around several key points of conflict between civilisation and wildlife. The choice of artworks illustrates the principle ‘think globally, act locally’, which is one of the key mottos of environmental activism.

Created under the aegis of the Dialogue de Trianon, this exhibition is occasioned with the opening of the Paris Peace Forum and brings together a special selection of works by Russian and French artists, who address the topics of ecology and environment.

Victoria Kondrashova,
CEO RDI Creative

Psychozoic Era. 2018

Pavel Otdelnov

12 262. 2018


Realness. Cloud and Dust, 2018

Sandrine Deumier

Enchantment.Fields. 2018


Toxic Assets. 2018

Aristarkh Tchernychev

Sunflower Goddesses, 2017

Sergey Kichtchenko

Station YE5, 2018

Vassily Soumine

When Flowers Cast No Shadows, 2019

Anastasia Potemkina

Tales of a Sea Cow, 2012

Etienne de France

Solar Echoes, 2020

Mathilde Lavenne

52 Hz, 2018

Olga Kisseleva

Biobank, 2017

Olga Kisseleva

Bird Language, 2019

Elena Nikonole