Psychozoic Era. 2018

#Problems of research and intervention in the natural environment

Video, 12 min 12 sec

“… the action of life on our planet develops and changes by the effect of [mankind’s] intelligence to such an extent, that it becomes possible to speak of a special psychozoic epoch in the history of our planet, analogous to other geological epochs in the change effected in living nature on Earth, as during the Cambrian or Oligocene, for example. With the appearance of a living being on our planet gifted with intelligence, we pass into another stage of its history.”
(V. Vernadsky, The Study of Life and the New Physics)

This project is a reflection on the interaction of human and nature, on the changes in landscape, which are most often invisible from the surface of the earth. Using satellite images, the artist finds reservoirs for the disposal of industrial waste and collects information on how these objects affect the livelihoods of local residents: some become objects of urban exploration, or a source of income, whilst others force residents to unite and contact the authorities to remedy the damage from those objects.

On the basis of these images the artist creates paintings on pieces carved from wooden plates and accurately reproduces the outlines and the appearance of the sedimentation tanks. The video produced for the project contains quadcopter footage filmed in the industrial zone of Otdelnov’s hometown—Dzerzhinsk, the former capital of the Soviet chemical industry.

Pavel Otdelnov

Pavel Otdelnov

Pavel Otdelnov (b. 1979, Dzerzhinsk) is an artist, whose paintings often depict industrial ruins. His artworks are in many museum and private collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the National Center for Contemporary Arts, the Foundation of Vladimir Smi…