Realness. Cloud and Dust, 2018

#New technologies

Video, 8 min

Sensory immersion in a cybernetic garden, this work is a virtual fantasy of a symbiosis between the human being and its natural environment. Designed in multiple scenes, the work shows an artificial space of vegetal luxuriance with semi-humanoid growths. At the interstices of an artificial nature and a renatured humanity (artificially reconnected to a prefabricated natural world), these landscapes—neither human nor non-human—are a dive into a possible identification to a mutant nature.

‘Deumier creates virtual environments where amorphous, anonymous, beautifully complex humanoids live in organic symbiosis with their natural environment. The cybernetic garden by Deumier is ever mutant with its creatures adjusting to it naturally and gracefully, creating boundless kinetic energy and a chaotic, dense process of highly intricacy containing an almost hidden scaling natural order. Realness—Cloud and Dust explores the boundaries within an artificially created nature and a freshly conceived form of humanity as harmony and osmosis between the two are finally reached.’ (George Vitale, Synthesis Gallery)

Sandrine Deumier

Sandrine Deumier

Sandrine Deumier (b. 1978, Toulouse) is a video artist and performer. She works at the junction of video and sound poetry, considering them as sensitive devices to convey the vacillation of reality through unconscious structures.

She has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals, amo…