Solar Echoes, 2020

#New technologies


The sun is reflected in an Andalusian Thermosolar power plant whose architecture reminds us of ancient alchemical engravings, like a sacred temple of the 21st century. From its radiance come the voices of an antimatter physicist and an ecofeminist evoking their reflections on collapse, time and energy. Mathilde Lavenne has a natural proximity to scientists, who know the value of observation. And she knows how to appreciate the essential contribution of serendipity. When she films a landscape with the most extreme slowness, it is to show us the dissolution between the images. She meticulously maps a landscape in order to multiply the viewpoints so that we might, possibly, learn to lose ourselves in it. There is nothing surprising about her interest in the Gemasolar research centre, the beauty of which is the quintessence of an engineering approach, in which assembly and repetition eradicate all forms of useless decoration. The reiteration of perfectly organized objects in such a place echoes the movements that Lavenne repeats in space until she has finally achieved the in-depth depiction of that which is ordinarily imperceptible to us; when a few degrees, in temperature or in rotation, suf ce to capture differently in order to nally reveal. Scientists share with Mathilde Lavenne this ability to observe the world according to scales of space or time which are not ordinarily ours. Thus they naturally achieve results that grab us.
Dominique Moulon, art critic and curator

A movie by: Mathilde Lavenne
With the Voices of: Benedikte Zitouni, Professor of Sociology Saint-Louis University of Brussels;
Michael Doser is a research physicist at CERN
Editing and Calibration: Mathilde Lavenne
Chief Image, Operator: Luis Fernàndez, Drone Sevilla
Sound Composition: Léonore Mercier
Auditorium Mixing: Blandine Tourneux, Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains
Sound mixing: Martin Delzescaux
CGI & Compositing: Argléton Studio Elisa De Roia Tom Janssen Simone Meyer
Photographer: Fabienne Paul, Dani Rabanal Cabrerizo
Pierre Auger’s Observatory, Sound Ionosferic: Xavier Bertou
Radio Extracts: Elliot Simpson, Silvia Teixeira, Carlos De Castellarnau
Post Production: Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
Graphism: Mathilde Lavenne, Argléton Studio
Traduction: Elliot Simpson
Mentions: Gemasolar Solar Plant developped by SENER, property of Torresol Energy Ohiana Casas Marin Raul Mendoza

Mathilde Lavenne

Mathilde Lavenne

Mathilde Lavenne (b. 1982, Amiens) is an artist and film director. Creating short films and interactive installations, she focuses her artistic approach on emergent technologies and digital tools.

She participated in numerous international festivals, among them Imagine Science Film Festival (…