Toxic Assets. 2018

#Excessive consumption.

Video, 7 min 9 sec

The contemporary world offers a great variety of options for consumable goods, thus changing the fundamentals of consumption. Past generations would keep their valuable possessions for decades. Today, their prized belongings find their way to scrap yards. Furthermore, the lifespans of contemporary consumer goods are rapidly shrinking. Trends change instantaneously, making people consume even more. Consumption is shaping to be a demonstrative ritual in the form of going to a mall. Sometimes purchases are even binned in their intact original packaging.

Accumulated possessions grow too costly to store and ultimately turn into a briefcase without a handle, or what is called a ‘toxic asset’. The aesthetics of garbage piles permeate our lives and become part of everyday reality. This breeds a sensation of ‘perpetual temporariness’—as if this all is just about to end and you will be able to simply enjoy the flow of life. Yet, this temporariness has firmly rooted itself in our lives.

Aristarkh Chernyshev

Aristarkh Chernyshev

Aristarkh Chernyshev (b. 1968, Lugansk) is one of the pioneers of media art in Russia. He graduated from the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical University with a degree in mechanical engineering, working as a designer of satellite systems. In 2005, together with Alexei Shulgin, he organised the Electrob…