When Flowers Cast No Shadows, 2019


Video, 7 min 11 sec

The artwork has been produced for the artist’s solo exhibition of the same name, organized by Smart Art at the MMOMA in 2019

“I believe that positive political change will only be possible after the ecological revolution. I am for ecology instead of traditional politics.”
Anastasia Potemkina

Anastasia Potemkina’s new project relates a utopian story. The theme of the visible and invisible worlds of the plant kingdom, which the artist has begun exploring in the project Laboratory of Urban Fauna, has laid the foundations of her creative method that she continued to develop in the exhibition When Flowers Cast No Shadows. The project’s title refers to the motto of the 5th Berlin Biennale that at that time became a manifesto of political minimalism in art.

The video selected for the project Ecology and New Functionality is part of a total installation shown at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in fall 2019. The artist offers the viewer to imagine post-human conditions within the plant kingdom, where communication is based on chemical compounds and reactions. In this world there is no need for human presence and care. Anastasia Potemkina describes the after-language world as a new opportunity, a new hope and a new future not just for the Western civilization but also for human civilization or even for the whole natural world.
Andrey Parshikov, curator

Anastasia Potemkina

Anastasia Potemkina

Anastasia Potemkina (b. 1984, Moscow) is an artist and a founding member of the group Urban Fauna Lab. Potemkina uses a variety of different media—painting, video, performance and installation—to explore new approaches to the relationship between humans and nature. Her solo exhibitions have been…